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Paracord Uses!
  • Use as a belt
  • Replace a broken shoelace
  • Zipper Pulls
  • Dental floss (break down inner strands) Don't laugh, dental emergencies in the field can can be detrimental to your survival
  • Pet leash
  • Tie up a person.(Wink Wink - "Knotty" get it?)
  • Tie items to equipment
  • Repair torn clothing/equipment
  • Sutures
  • Hang food in a tree
  • Towing rope ( depending on mechanical advantage)
  • Secure a tent or a tarp for a shelter
  • Build a shelter
  • Build a bow drill for starting a fire
  • String for a hunting bow
  • Hang up wet clothes
  • Fishing line ( inner strands) 49 -50 feet of line from 7ft bracelet cord
  • Secure a splint
  • Use as a tourniquet
  • Drag big game to a location
  • Hang big game in a tree. (double the cord and it can hold 1100lbs)
  • Use for snare or trap fabrication
  • Rifle sling
Use your imagination!!!!
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